AFGROW Training

AFGROW Standard Training classes are offered in the Dayton, OH area each year (usually in the Spring and Fall). Training notices are posted and announced to AFGROW Users a few months in advance.

Over last 7 years, LexTech has provided AFGROW training to almost 500 engineers. We work for a broad range of clientele including government agencies, universities, corporations, small businesses and individuals alike. A partial list of the companies who have sent employees to one of our classes or have hosted AFGROW training, along with a few recent testimonials, is provided below. In addition to training at our Dayton, OH location, we conducted over 20 onsite training classes in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia, and for companies and government agencies such as USAF, NAVAIR, TAI, Airbus Group Australia Pacific, Bell Helicopter, Northrop Grumman and Pilatus.

We are offering a 3-day AFGROW Standard training class in the Dayton area on October 7 - October 10, 2019. Class announcement, syllabus and class registration form are available.

Cost: $700.00/person until August 31, $745.00/person thereafter (refreshments are provided). Optional LEFM fundamentals day: $230.00/person until August 31, $245.00/person thereafter.

The 3-day class will familiarize students with the design and operation of the AFGROW crack growth life analysis program. This includes a practical review of Linear Elastic Fracture Mechanics (LEFM) concepts, example problems, and the following new AFGROW capabilities: an advanced solution for continuing damage (corner & through crack at a notch), compression and tension spectrum filtering, independent compression and tension K-solution filtering. The class will also provide an introduction to the use of advanced features unique to AFGROW (COM automation, Advanced Multiple Crack Solutions, and Plug-In K-Solutions). We are also including a section on tips and tricks to help users model some practical complex geometries (i.e.: continuing damage scenarios). A certificate of completion will be issued to participants upon completion of the training.
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AFGROW Training is also available at your location on request. We offer 3-day and 2.5-days standard class with maximum of 16 participants. A 2.5-day class covers the material offered in the 3-day class with the following exceptions:

  • No crack growth rate class example
  • No class homework
  • The scope of the Plug-In demonstration is reduced
The 3-day class syllabus and 2.5-day class syllabus are available to provide information on the topics covered in class.

AFGROW Avanced Training Classes

We offer advanced training classes for students who have completed the standard 3-day AFGROW basic training class. Students who have not attended the 3-days training class, but have practical experience using AFGROW will be able to benefit from this training. The classes are not offered on a regularly scheduled basis, but can be arranged by contacting us.

There are currently four classes (one day per class), and a description of each class is available so that one or more can be scheduled as needed. A minimum of four (4) students are required for a class in the Dayton, OH area, and eight (8) students are required for classes held in other areas. Because of the amount of individual attention required, the maximum number of students for any advanced training class is twelve (12).

Advanced classes description and syllabus are available for to download

The price of the advanced training is $350.00 per day per registration.

Please contact LexTech, Inc. to make arrangements.


“I want to thank you for the AFGROW training that I followed with you last week. It was very useful for the understanding in the use of AFGROW, and this training was beyond my expectations. I also want to thank you for having spent time with me when I had problems of understanding, problems due to my French version of Excel, and especially for your kindness and the good atmosphere during this training.”
Alain Lecomte, Air France Industries

“The class is excellent and very useful. It was extremely helpful, and I recommend it to all AFGROW users.”
Shaun Liu, Pacific Technology LLC

“AFGROW is the best value for money product in its field out there. Alex/Jim make a great team and the … training I had with them was excellent and very helpful. Our user base within company has increased from a few to late teens now and we look forward to taking it even higher”
Roopam Khare, Ph. D., Caterpillar Inc

“…I would like to compliment you and your team for the excellent training provided during the AFGROW Basic Training class. The class was definitely time well spent. Instructions and training were very practical and covered a broad range of topics in detail. The combination of instruction and hands-on practice did a great job reinforcing the concepts. I will highly recommend AFGROW, your training, and expertise given the opportunity.”
Paul V. Sickles, PE, Stream-Lion Design, LLC

AFGROW training participants companies

AAR, Aerokam Engineering, Aerotechnica SAS, Air France, Airbus Group Australia Pacific, Airworks Slr, AVCORP, Belcan, Bell Helicopter, Boeing, BYU, CAStLE, Caterpillar, Cessna, Circor Aerospace, Comtek, Elbit - Cyclone, Endeavor Analysis, Gulfstream, Instytut Techniczny Wojsk Lotniczych, Jet Aviation, Kallita Air, L-3 Communications, Lambda Technologies, LET Aircraft Industries, Live TV, Lockheed Martin, Microcraft, NAVAIR, Northrop Grumman, NTSB, Pilatus, Purdue University, RUAG, SAAB, SAFE, Samco Aircraft Maintenance, Spirit Aero, ST Aerospace, STM, Stream-Lion Design, SwRI, TAI, United Airlines, University of Texas at San Antonio , UPS Airlines, USAF, USAF Academy, Vought Aircraft, VZLU, ZHAW