AFGROW European Training and Workshop 2024, 17-20 June 2024 (June 17-19 Training, June 20 – Workshop)

Hosted by ZHAW, the School of Engineering, Centre for Aviation, Winterthur, Switzerland

Instructors: Mr. James A. Harter - (937)438-0300,
Mr. Alexander Litvinov - (937)438-0300,
Venue: Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW), Winterthur, Switzerland
How to get there

Date: 17 - 20 June 2024, (June 17-19 Training, June 20 – Workshop)

Time: 8 AM to 4:30 PM (24 hours training, 8 hours workshop)

  Class: $950.00/person until May 15, $995.00/person thereafter
  Workshop: $230.00/person until May 15, $260.00/person thereafter
  Class and Workshop: $1,150.00/person until May 15, $1,250.00/person thereafter

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The first 3 days of the workshop will be a 3-day AFGROW training class, and the fourth day will be a standard workshop format where users can collaborate/discuss issues of interest related to AFGROW, with some presentations and Q and A sessions.

Course Description: The 3-day class begins with a short review of practical Linear Elastic Fracture Mechanics (LEFM) concepts. The following AFGROW specific topics will be addressed in this training class: AFGROW graphical user interface, spectrum management, stress intensity models, crack growth rate data, stress state effects, load interaction modeling, residual stresses, AFGROW preferences, advanced models, and strain-life crack initiation. Several example problems are included to gain hands-on experience with AFGROW. The class will also introduce the use of advanced features unique to AFGROW (COM automation, and Advanced Multiple Crack Solutions). We are also including a section on tips and tricks to help users model some practical complex geometries (i.e.: continuing damage scenarios). A certificate of completion will be issued to participants upon completion of the training.

This class will also include descriptions and demonstrations of the latest features and capabilities that have been added to AFGROW. This will include: Spectrum Manager, Environment/Damage Tagging, and new Stress Intensity Solutions.

Course Outline: (select to view class syllabus)

The Workshop presentations are as follows

  1. AFGROW Release 5.4 Overview (includes Spectrum Manager and the Beta Version of Web Base Post Processor), James Harter - LexTech
  2. Developing AFGROW plugin model for offset loaded lug geometry, Alex Litvinov - LexTech
  3. Damage tolerance analyses for historic fighter airplanes – 2 case studies, Michel Guillaume - ZHAW School of Engineering - Centre for Aviation, Markus Gottier - Gottier Engineering
  4. AFGROW Future Release 5.5 Overview, Alex Litvinov - LexTech

Registration Deadline:June 14, 2024

Cancellation Policy: Cancellations before May 15, 2024 will receive a 50% refund or full credit toward an AFGROW events held in 2024-2025. Cancellations after May 15, 2024 may only receive full credit for an AFGROW events held in 2024-2024.

Guesthouse Riverside Inn
Schlosstalstrasse 139
8408 Winterthur
Phone: +41 52 202 26 88
(Price single rooms approx. CHF 76.00)

Hotel Ibis
Brühlbergstrasse 7
8400 Winterthur
Phone: +41 52 264 57 00
(Price single rooms approx. CHF 120.00)
Park Hotel Winterthur AG
Stadthausstrasse 4
8400 Winterthur
Phone: +41 52 265 02 65
(Price single rooms approx. CHF 165.00)
Hotel Wartmann
Rudolfstrasse 15
8400 Winterthur
Phone: +41 52 260 07 07
(Price single rooms approx. CHF 170.00)

For further hotels in Winterthur please check:

Local Attractions: Winterthur is a treasure trove rich in art, history and nature. Switzerland's sixth-biggest city boasts art collections of world renown, other museums and monuments, a lively old town, an active music and comedy scene, and extensive parks and public gardens give Winterthur, a town small enough to get around conveniently, and the amenities of a big city.

About ZHAW, the School of Engineering, Centre for Aviation:

The ZHAW is the oldest technical university in Switzerland, with a long history that dates back to 1874. Today it is among the largest universities of applied sciences in Switzerland and boasts an extensive national and international network.

The Centre for Aviation is firmly established in the tradition of the ZHAW School of Engineering. Its researchers work in interdisciplinary projects which aim to find viable solutions for challenges the aviation industry faces – today and tomorrow.

The Centre for Aviation combines various technologies, methods, and areas of expertise in a bid to find sustainable solutions for the ever-increasing challenges of global mobility, and explore new approaches of making aviation even more efficient and safe. The results of our research are integrated into the Bachelor’s degree programme in Aviation.

The Centre for Aviation has three strategic research areas:
  • Aerodynamics & Flight Mechanics
  • Aviation Meteorology and Atmospheric Research
  • Human Factors & Aeronautical Communication
  • Unmanned Aircraft Systems and Operation
  • Structural Integrity and Predictive Maintenance

Special Labs: Engineering Simulator, Wind Tunnel; UMARS (Metrological Measurement System), LIDAR, Remote Pilot Station, Head and Eye Tracking, Unmanned Modular Aircraft Research System (UMARS).


AFGROW European Training and Workshop 2022 proceedings and notes are now available online.


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