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Bending Bug in Legacy AFGROW Version

While trying to verify some AFGROW solutions for the Single Corner Crack at Hole in bending, I was comparing the Stress Intensity Factors (SIFs) that I compute in a separate Excel spreadsheeet (VBA). My VBA program computes the SIFs from the original Newman Raju curve fits in Chapter 9 of Computatio... [More]

Rules of Thumb

Several Users have asked me to post some helpful "rules of thumb" that may be useful when performing life prediction tasks. While I am happy to do it, I must first state that while I have found this information to be useful, each user must take full responsibility for their own life predictions. Nei... [More]

Removing Bonded Repair Capability

As we approach the first commercial release of AFGROW, it makes sense to do a little "code cleaning." Based on user input (or lack thereof), it appears that the bonded repair analysis capability is not being used. Therefore, we are planning to remove the capability from the new release. We are aski... [More]
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