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Handbook for Damage Tolerant Design

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In the final approval letter establishing the Air Force Aircraft Structural Integrity Program which still holds true today:

"The successful accomplishment of this program is vital to the Air Force's capability to perform its assigned mission, and requires complete and active support and cooperation of all staff and command levels of the Air Force organization."...

General Curtis E. LeMay, U.S. Air Force
Vice Chief of Staff, 19 November 1958

The structure of the guiding ASIP document has changed since its inception in 1958, but the demands for safe, reliable structures continues in the latest version - theDOD Joint Service Specification Guide - JSSG-2006 - Aircraft Structures.

This Damage Tolerance Design Handbook has been prepared to assist with the implementation and application of the damage tolerant concepts contained in the supporting documents.  The Handbook provides specific background data and state-of-the-art analysis methods to assist contractor and USAF personnel in complying with the JSSG-2006 intricacies.