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Handbook for Damage Tolerant Design

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University of Dayton Research Institute
300 College Park
Dayton, OH 45469-0120

Program Manager - Peggy C. Miedlar
Email -Peggy.Miedlar@udri.udayton.edu

Revision of Damage Tolerant Design Handbook
Development of web page
Sample Problems:
  • Damage tolerance assessment of wing spar
  • Risk assessment for discrete source damage threat
  • Structural risk assessment for multiple element damage
  • Risk assessment of thinning effect of corrosion

Fracture Analysis Consultants, Inc.
121 Eastern Heights Drive
Ithica, NY 14850

Program Manager - Paul A. Wawrzynek
E -mail - wash@fracanalysis.com

Sample Problems:
  • Computing SIF with FEM,
  • Predicting residual strength with MSD and corrosion
  • Crack interaction with multi-site damage
  • Ductile tearing and residual strength

Mercer Engineering Research Center
Structures Technology Group
Warner Robins, GA 31088-7810

Program Manager - Mary Schleider
E-mail - mschleider@merc.mercer.edu

Sample Problems:
  • Crack growth prediction
  • b-factor determination
  • Damage tolerance analysis
  • Influence of retardation models
  • Sensitivity of fatigue crack growth rates

National Research Council Canada
Institute for Aerospace Research

Montreal Road
Ottawa, Ontario
Canada K1A 0R6

Program Manager - Jerzy P. Komorowski
E-mail - jerzy.komorowski@nrc.ca

Sample Problems:
  • Quantifying Corrosion in Fuselage Lap Joints
  • Residual Life Assessment of Corroded Fuselage Lap Joints
  • Effect of Discontinuity States on Risk Assessment of Corroded Fuselage Lap Joints

Structural Integrity Engineering
9525 Vassar
Chatsworth, CA 91311

Program Manager - Matthew Creager
E-mail - mcreager@sieinc.com

Sample Problems:
  • Crack growth analysis with MSD
  • Damage tolerance assessment for residual strength
  • Crack growth analysis with primary and continuing damage cracks
  • DTA of wing spar with reinforcing effect of skin
  • Crack growth and residual strength in lap joint

Karta Technologies, Inc.
5555 Northwest Parkway
San Antonio, TX 78249

Program Manager - Don Locke
E-mail: dlocke@karta.com

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