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Handbook for Damage Tolerant Design

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    • Sections
      • 1. Introduction
      • 2. Fundamentals of Damage Tolerance
      • 3. Damage Size Characterizations
      • 4. Residual Strength
      • 5. Analysis Of Damage Growth
      • 6. Examples of Damage Tolerant Analyses
      • 7. Damage Tolerance Testing
      • 8. Force Management and Sustainment Engineering
      • 9. Structural Repairs
      • 10. Guidelines for Damage Tolerance Design and Fracture Control Planning
        • 0. Guidelines for Damage Tolerance Design and Fracture Control Planning
        • 1. Design Loads Spectrum
        • 2. Material Selection
        • 3. Structural Configuration Analysis
        • 4. Manufacturing Process
          • 0. Manufacturing Process
          • 1. Review of manufacturing process and inspections
          • 2. Development of Critical Parts Accountability
        • 5. References
      • 11. Summary of Stress Intensity Factor Information
    • Examples

Section 10.4.2. Development of Critical Parts Accountability

The critical parts list is only the first step in the control process.  It also includes the damage review procedure, material procurement and acceptance, handling of the part during manufacture, installation procedures, incorporation of design changes, and disposition of manufactured parts.  This entire process is one of accountability.  In order to do this, a method of serial numbering is used and a work routing sheet is suggested which identifies the source of the stock material used in the part during its manufacture and provides sign-off and transfer records for each process.  In order for this process of control to be effective, the personnel involved during manufacture must have an awareness of the objective.  They must realize the development of an individual commitment to achieve a damage tolerant aircraft.  Goranson, et al. [1981] and Watson [1979] present discussions of how damage tolerant design has been incorporated into transport aircraft design and construction.