AFMAT – Fracture Mechanics Database

The AFMAT fracture mechanics database is provided by LexTech, Inc. for AFGROW, Version 5.3 licensed users with current user maintenance as a searchable source of fracture mechanics test data which may be helpful in performing/validating life prediction calculations. It contains data from 5 different sources: Damage Tolerant Design Handbook (5-Volumes), UDRI, NASA Johnson Space Center in-house data, NASA FLAGRO data, and USAF Aging Aircraft Program data from Purdue University. There are approximately 21,500 different sets of easily searchable and filterable test data available for our database users. The AFMAT database also includes downloadable tabular crack growth rate lookup files for over 60 materials. Additional lookup files will be added on a regular basis.

We have additional information about the database in our AFGROW User Workshop proceedings .

To use the database, users must first login to the AFGROW web page using their account name and password. The database is accessed from the MyAfgrow section of the AFGROW web page. The link to the My Afgrow section will only appear to users who are logged-in to the AFGROW web page. The link to the AFMAT database is in the My Afgrow pull down menu.


The curve fits are shown with the raw test data to provide the total context of each fit. Each component of the plot can also be removed/replaced by clicking on the item in the legend to de-clutter the image for better resolution. These tabular lookup files may be downloaded and used directly in AFGROW.

If you have test data that you wish to share, please contact us.

If you would like to request a material to be hosted in AFMAT, let us know.

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