Spectrum Manager 1.2 Release Overview

Added Features and Capabilities

  • New ability to generate a spectrum from exceedance curve data
  • New Delta Plot View
  • New R/Delta/Occurrences 3D Plot View
  • Option to import and export individual subspectra
  • Option to truncate by compressive average
  • Randomize sub spectra or the sequence
  • Randomize levels in a sub spectra
  • New Display Options
  • Context Sensitive Help<
  • COM Support
  • Spectrum History Log

Spectrum Generation from Exceedance Curve

  • Create a spectrum from exceedance curve data.
  • Select the “Create Spectrum with Exceedance Data” option in the New project dialog.
  • Enter/Paste exceedance data into the grid (table).

Delta Plot

  • Visual representation of the spectrum delta (max-min) range values
  • Number of occurrences of each delta level is provided in the Legend

R/Delta/Occurrence 3D Plot

  • Plots Delta vs R values vs Occurrences
  • Hover over desired bar to see values
  • Plot can be zoomed and rotated

Import/Export SubSpectrum

  • Import an existing xml or text formatted sub spectrum file (*.sux or *.sub) to the spectrum library
  • Export (save) a single sub spectrum to an xml (*.sux) file

Compressive Truncation

Checking the Compressive Average box in the Truncation Dialogue tells the truncation operation to only remove levels meeting the truncation criteria whose average value is negative.


  • Randomize the sub spectra or the sequence
  • Randomizing the sub spectra will arrange all sub spectra in the project’s Sub Spectra Library into a sequence in random order.
  • Randomizing the sequence will arrange all sub spectra in the current sequence into a new sequence in random order

Randomize Levels

  • Will shuffle the order of levels in a sub spectrum by levels or cycles
  • Randomize by cycles splits each level into a number of equivalent levels with one cycle each, shuffles them, then combines adjacent equivalent levels

Application Menu Options

  • Enable damage tags, environmental tags, and time dependent parameters.
  • Interchange the x and y axes of the Exceedance chart
  • Set the text size, number of decimal places, and the seed value for randomization functions

Context Sensitive Help

  • CProvides additional information for each feature of Spectrum Manager
  • Also contains guides explaining how to do basic operations in Spectrum Manager
  • By clicking on a section of the GUI and pressing “F1,” the relevant page in the Help guide will be opened

COM Support

  • Perform most often used Spectrum Manager actions through COM
  • Create a new spectrum/Edit existing spectrum
  • Get statistics of spectrum/single sub spectrum

History Log

  • Log of major events
  • Examples include Clip, Truncate, Randomization, Reversal, and Normalization
  • Includes the time, date, and description of the event

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